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For The Age Group of 5-13 Years Children

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“Do You Want Your Child To Have Excellent Handwriting Skills?"

Good handwriting always gives an upper hand to a student, but that doesn't mean that poor handwriting always costs. Actually what matters is writing neatly, make sure that examiner understands what you have written.

Importance of Handwriting
  • Handwriting is a reflection of a person's individuality and its development can reflect the development of an individual. When we write something our brain must read and process it several times. Handwriting is important too.

  • With printed word there is a more standardized text, lacking the personal touch of someone's handwriting. This makes printed word less personal and creates an emotional disconnect between the written word and the reader, experts argue. Without personality, printed word is impersonal and cold. This is why developing a child's handwriting skills is so important.

  • Many experts argue that handwriting is an essential part of a child's learning process. Research shows that when kids have poor spelling, their lack of handwriting skills carry over into other subjects.

  • In math, a child may get their numbers backwards or misspell words because their handwriting skills are not up to par. When children have to think more about handwriting, they can't think as much about whatever they are writing, whether it be writing in a history class or in a math class.

  • When children don't have to think about handwriting consciously, when it becomes an automatic process, they perform much better at in other areas

  • Most children today are lacking in reading and writing skills. These skills are important for adult life, and developing them early on is important to a child's future success. Encouraging a child to read can develop a child's love of reading and writing. Parents must be responsible for helping their children develop into adulthood, and developing the communication skills that reading and writing entail is a vital step in this developmental process.

  • Handwriting is a key that links all these things together. It may not seem important to us in today's society, but handwriting is a powerful learning tool that is on the decline and needs to be taught to every child
Impacts of Poor Hand writing
  • Illegible handwriting, poor hand dexterity and coordination, and struggling students who can't perform to Class level tests and on written assignments.

  • Another result, the cost of lost confidence and poor performance for students has been immeasurable.

  • Seeing the need for a more specific analysis of skills, a team of occupational therapists and educators has developed this set of Handwriting Standards.
The Process
Handwriting  is  an  important  skill  which  is  required  of the  learner  in  school  and  in everyday  situations  and  it  attracts  praise  for  those  who  are  good  at  it.
The road map

For achieving the handwriting standards, the following system will be adopted for the children of kindergarten to High School.

  • Assess student proficiency

  • Determine the need for additional instruction or remediation

  • Monitor progress

  • Help students achieve academic goals
Some TIPS to gain Marks in your examinations
  • Use Black pen to write title and subtitles.

  • Give diagrams wherever necessary.

  • Wherever possible use scale for drawing.

  • Underline the key words.

  • Always start a new question on a new page.

  • If there is any mistake don't make it look shabby by scratching it many times; just put a line over it.
Course Details
  • 8 Years and above (Students at School level/ College Level/ House wives)
  • 12 Sessions of 1 Hour Each
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