Designed For The First Time In India
For The Age Group of 5-13 Years Children

Enhanced listening ability
  G Muthu Kumar: He is the Director of ALAMA INTERNATIONAL He is an Electrical Engineer and had worked in many reputed organisation Like L&T over 17 years in various capacities. His vast experience in business is helping the company in formulating strategies for success and helping to run the company affairs too
  Padmavathi Muthu Kumar: She is the Technical Director of ALAMA INTERNATIONAL. She is a Post Graduate in Science and worked in City Union Bank for over 5 Years. She had undertaken the ABACUS training from many experts and mastered all the conceptS. She had trained over 500 students in her capacity as teacher and also trained over 200 Teachers in a span of 4 Years. Our programs are designed which unveil the infinite potential of the Human Brain and put them into effective use
We at ALAMA, totally empathize that your children's success means a lot to you in this fast changing world. ALAMA is the only organisation offers BRIDGE COURSE using ABACUS CONCEPTS for better understanding of mathematics in combination with fun and higher focus on LOGICAL THINKING and creating a society of SMART CHILDREN.