Designed For The First Time In India
For The Age Group of 5-13 Years Children

Enhancements of Your Child SKILLS
Dear Parents
Few findings before you proceed further
  • Do you plan schedule for your children exam ?
  • Do they have the skills to score full marks, just with the school teachings alone? If not what are all the skills, you are looking for ?
  • Do they have time to learn other skill based programs ?
If the answer is NO ………… continue
Today most of the children go to school every day by 7 am and come back only by 7 or 8 pm, after to one or the special classes. The children are exhausted by the time they reach home.
Due to time constructs many of the parents are not willing to send their wards to any programs.
Just as the fingers in a hand are of different sizes, in a school, all the children are not equal in calibre / motivation/ Knowledge. Parents can easily identify the requirements of a child and put them on course, instead of leaving them to the school authorities.
For Example, in Mathematics the children need to understand the concepts so that they don’t struggle during their exam.
For developing skills like Concentration / Memory Power Observation/Creativity/ Logical Thinking, there are many techniques. But the ABACUS based Mental Arithmetic is one of the time tested and successful program.
In today’s Environment, the children go to school and attend Abacus program during weekends. The School academics and abacus program run parallel. Thus it is depriving the children to bridge both learning for their benefits.
To ensure the children get full benefits, we have with the help from well educated academician and Abacus & Mental Arithmetic experts together designed a special course which will make the child a real genius. This will facilitate the child to acquire the skills like concentration, memory power, and observation.
As a parent, you may be wondering how to teach your child? Do you have inclination to teach your child? If Yes, We are empowering all parents to teach their children and in the process they too will acquire skills like communication/ teaching.
We will also have a special session for parents, to demonstrate as to how children can be guided to prepare for their exams / daily studies.
The Ideal age for starting any learning is three years. Provide them an opportunity to learn. If you build a strong foundation, you can construct huge superstructure.
Make a right choice      Choose ALAMA      ALAMA Promises your child a success
You Learn: You Teach: You Earn.