Designed For The First Time In India
For The Age Group of 5-13 Years Children

Increased imagination & Visualization Skills
To stay focused on your target and achieve success, you need to accomplish the following Skills
  1. Focused Concentration.
  2. Speed with Accuracy.
  3. Observation.
  4. Listening Power.
  5. Imagination / Visualization.
  6. Brain & Memory Power.
1. Focused Concentration
The exclusive attention in students enables the brain function to focus on one matter.
2. Speed with Accuracy
Today's competitive exams are all about speed that comes with accuracy. Due to relative memory technique, children can foster their understanding levels on calculation. Speed is all about sheer practice that gives you ample time to attempt all the questions and outperform their competitors.
3. Observation
Observation is an important activity of a children's living. It senses and assimilates the knowledge of a phenomenon and reproduces the same. Observation is derived from Attention, Retention, Production and Motivation.
3.1. Observation - Attention
Children cannot gain knowledge and learn unless they pay attention or concentrate.
3.2. Observation - Retention
It would come down to the children's ability to encrypt the information and reminisce when actually needed. And as such, all the competitive exams demand a very high retention module.
3.3. Observation - Production
The key here is that reproducing the performance may demand few yet to acquire competencies.
These skill sets are based on a children's intellectual ability - the ability to
perform what was seen.
3.4. Observation - Motivation
Normally, the prime reason for kids performing any act is the cause of motivation. It is the underlying source for initiating any action whatsoever and could be very significant in a child's future.
4. Listening Power
It is very important that the children develop the listening ability as it is the first step for success.
5. Imagination / Visualization
Imagination is the competence to form a mental depiction of an absent object. It distinguishes itself from other psychological functions in terms of memory. The thought process in the kids can get better with greater imagination, ability to comprehend spatial relations.
6. Brain & Memory Power
Everyone agrees that children memory increases with the use of visual images, which helps the children to aid the right brain. The immense power that the right brain has for memory can be harnessed using the visual images of the program. The information in the left brain does not last long, while the information in the right brain is permanent. In fact, all the illustrations, images and visuals are part of the right memory.
The training stimulates the children's understanding of the shift between left and right brain and promotes linkage of both. The brain is believed to be the seat of the human intelligence and emotions. Educationalists tried developing the best ways of training this seat of human intelligence, and so we produce a generation of very clever and well balanced future generation.