Designed For The First Time In India
For The Age Group of 5-13 Years Children

Enhanced listening ability
A Hearty Welcome to my dear children & their Parents.
ALAMA (Abacus Logical Application Mental Arithmetic) International Program of Intelligence for Brain & Skill development using Abacus is one of the powerful ways equipping the children with lot of skills.
In Abacus' Methodology, The Abacus Based Program gives the child the competitive advantage and the required skills like concentration, observation, and listening power, memory power along with speed & accuracy to take on the challenges. Children discover to solve mathematical problems with the help of using a very simple tool called 'ABACUS '. Fundamental concepts in mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught through moving the beads of the ABACUS. This ensures the math phobia is removed among the children
If the Children have to become SMART, they also must think logically Logical Thinking: Helping Children to Become "Smarter" Logical thinking is an important foundation skill.
First of its kind in India, ALAMA has come up with a distinctive program that complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in the school.
To ensure children get all the benefits, we have formulated a curriculum with the help of experienced academicians and Abacus Mental Arithmetic experts together designed a unique course that will create a SMART society of children.
By applying the visualization concepts with number and selected logical word sums in the latter levels would strengthen and foster the children's mathematical proficiency to understand school mathematics better and prepare them well for competitive exams.
Give your child the best gift Success...!
Make them acquire the skills today for better tomorrow!
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These skills are permanent in Nature and take best decision.
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G Muthu Kumar