Designed For The First Time In India
For The Age Group of 5-13 Years Children

Enhancements of Your Child SKILLS
What is Abacus ?
Abacus is a tool invented by the Salamis, then labelled by Mesopotamians, improved as mathematical tool by the Greek scholar Tetramachus. Abacus is in use for more than 2000 years in China , as a mathematical tool. In ancient days, calculations were made on sand using pebbles. The word ‘Abacus’ comes from the word ABAX, meaning, sand in Greek.
Abacus has a number of beads in it for doing arithmetic calculations. It has two decks and the answer line (frame) separating both the decks. Whenever the beads touch the answer line the Abacus gets the value.
Why do we take children at the group of 4-13 years ?
Scientifically it is proved that
  • 80% Brain development takes place during this period.
  • As the program is designed for Whole brain development, after 13years of age the brain speed reduces.
  • The child who has mental formation in this period will be brilliant till their lifetime.
Brain power - How do we enhance the brainpower ?
Our brain bifurcates its functions among the two sides viz. the left and right brain.
The Left Brain is responsible for our skills / ability in the fields of Logistics Analysis / Sequencing / Linear / Mathematics / Language / Facts/ Thing in words / Computation / Words of songs, etc.
The Right side of the Brain is for Creativity / Imagination / Holistic thinking / Intuition / Arts / Rhythm / Non Verbal feelings / Visualization / Tune of songs / day dreaming, etc.
Skills Developed in Abacus Learning
We use our fingers mostly for all mathematical calculations and the Tips of fingers are connected to the brain. Movement of the fingers facilitates the co-ordination between the left and right brain. This will balance both brains, which will induce the whole brain development in the children effectively & efficiently.
Abacus based programs are taught to develop the skills like memory power, concentration, creativity and visualization.
ALAMA – Unique course Bridging the Abacus Learning and the school Mathematics.
The schools are working towards increasing the academic mathematics whereas the Abacus Learning Program teaches how to do sums faster.
The abacus based program and school mathematics run parallel and due to this the children are not getting desired benefits. To ensure that maximum benefits are obtained, it is necessary to bridge the knowledge gained through abacus program and the academic mathematics.
ALAMA’s unique course complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in school and the classes in ABACUS.
Our course will strengthen and improve the Mathematical competence by helping the children to understand school Mathematics.
In ALAMA, all the teachers have been scientifically trained to impart effective / efficient / proper Learning.